Feliz 2006!

After Today

After today i'll get me out of this place
Into the world so i can set a new pace
It seems i'm on my own from here
Got to face so many fears
Won't You lay me in
Your hands of grace

I've got a funny feeling
That i'm gonna go away
I'm gonna face my future
Gonna try and make the grade
I've got a ways to go from here
And vision doesn't seems so clear
But, praise God, He's got a plan
Understanding isn't my place

After today i'm gonna come face to face
With a new world who knows i'm feeling this way
I've got a ways to go from here
I'm gonna overcome these fears
But still, i'm gonna need Your hands of grace

I'll be a bigger man for,
A bigger man for today
I'll pray a bigger prayer for
A bigger prayer for today
I'll dream a bigger dream for
A bigger dream for today

- Sanctus Real

3 comentários:

Lagoa_Azul disse...

Que os sonhos sejam sempre no hoje e no agora..

Feliz 2006 para ti com Deus a servir de guia.


Raquel disse...

I wish you each day, "after today", "bigger dreams" and "bigger prayer". In His "hands of grace" lay your "fears" because "He 's got a plan". Linda mensagem a deste louvour!Gostei muito. Feliz 2006

Anónimo disse...

That's a great story. Waiting for more. Norton and antivirus